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Ché is a New York City based makeup artist and hair stylist. Her love for art started at the tender age of 4, where she would often make her barbie clothes out of colored paper and tape. Ché then got introduced to makeup 10 years later when her brother’s girlfriend walked into the bathroom a girl and came out a woman 60 minutes later. Not only did she look all dolled up, but her chest was a bit higher and she had a different sway to her walk. It was then Ché realized the power of makeup and what it can do to one's self confidence. Ché then decided to combine her love for both and started practicing different makeup looks and hairstyles on herself.

While working at Sephora and freelancing on the side, her love for the art of makeup grew into a passion. She loved seeing that her work brought people joy and made them feel great about themselves. Ché decided to embark on the journey of perfecting both skills by attending Make-up Designory (MUD).

Working as a freelance Makeup Artist, Ché has worked on many projects ranging from beauty to avant garde. She also worked on numerous award shows. This allows her the opportunity to show different techniques and styles within her artistry. 

Ché looks forward to building her career around her passion. She believes that if she can make at least one person's day after they leave her chair, then she has done her job.


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